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November 2020

What are the uses of a 3D pen?

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In this modern world, it’s no longer enough to simply illustrate ideas in 2D. Such drawings served their purpose well back in the day. But thanks to the advancement in technology, everyone can now express their artistic thoughts in 3 dimensions. And that’s through the use of a 3D pen.

Do you already own one? If not, check out this amazing buying guide on Reviews Rabbit and right away order your preferred 3D pen. “What for?” You ask. Well, here’s why you need a 3D pen.

What are the uses of a 3D pen?

  1. The most obvious use of 3D pens is creating artistic objects. Think of a plastic teddy that you can strategically place on your reading table for added beauty. What about a plastic aloe vera planted in a plastic vase to beautify the entrance tour house? Yes! All that can be done using a 3D pen.
  2. Another important use is to repair items originally created using a 3D printer.  Perhaps it is a plastic doll with a broken limb. No need to throw it away. Use a 3D pen to weld the limb back into position. 
  3. If you are a student, or a teacher for that matter, make the art lessons more exciting by venturing into 3D art. Also, for non-art teachers, 3D pens are useful in illustrating important concepts. Do not endlessly speak of Victorian architecture – practically design 3D houses of Victorian characteristics and the students will really thank you. 
  4. In the manufacturing industry, 3D pens are used to create prototypes of proposed new items before they are produced in bulk.
  5. If you’ve got kids, buy them a child-friendly 3D pen. Briefly guide them on the basics and leave them to create a Mercedes Benz. I’m sure that is more engaging for the brain than picking a toy Mercedes from the supermarket shelves. 

Are 3D pens dangerous?

Generally terming 3D pens as dangerous would be inconsiderate on my part. Most of them are safe to use, but there are precautions you may need to take. First, ensure you don’t touch the nozzle of the pen while drawing. The nozzle is usually heated to high temperatures so as to melt the filament for a smooth flow. 

Another concern arises with the use of ABS filaments. These are known to emit unpleasant fumes the moment they are melted. The fumes aren’t toxic — simply unpleasant. You may therefore want to work in a well-ventilated room when using 3D pens with ABS filaments. Otherwise, if the task at hand allows, opt for the more environmentally friendly PLA filaments.


Do 3D pens work?

3D pens actually work – no doubt about this. The strength and look of the created object depends on the type of filament you use. The FLEXI or PTU filament yields a flexible object that can be twisted as you wish without breaking. PLA filaments yield quite strong objects – only that the objects have poor heat resistance properties. This is ideal for hobbyists. Objects created with ABS filaments are weaker and less rigid. Use this filament type for prototypes. 

What is the cheapest 3D pen?

Need I mention some unknown brands like Konfor and Sunfuny? Of course, there are several 3D pen brands that sell for less than 20 USD. I would however advise you to try reputable brands like MYNT3D, 3Doodler, SCRIB3D, Generic, So nice, Dikale, MIKA3D, Wacom, 3DMate, and Tecboss.  Reviews Rabbit lists some of the best 3D pens you should consider purchasing.