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The detailed structure of a longboard you should know


For those who are adventurous and like to experience new things, skateboarding will be an engaging and exciting street sport. When learning about this sport, you should learn carefully about the structure of the skateboards, especially the structure of a longboard. The structure of this board includes the following parts.

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The surface of the board is the largest part of a skateboard, so this is also the most important part you need to pay attention to on how to buy a longboard.

The surface material for the long skis is mainly oak and birch wood. A plank surface will consist of many thin layers of wood pressed together.

Normally, the long skis surface will have 6 to 11 layers of plywood. If there are a few layers of wood, the board will not be firm enough and brittle. In the opposite case, the board is too thick and heavy, making it difficult for players to move and jump.

The long skateboard surface is quite large so this type of skateboard is only suitable for players who like to downhill or slide long distances.

The length of the longboard can be up to 59 inches and depending on the height you can choose for yourself a longboard. The width ranges from 9 to 10 inches.

For those of you average height who want to practice tricks, you can choose board lengths from 38 inches to 42 inches with freestyle/dancing longboard.


They are usually fitted in the wheel, allowing the wheel to move more smoothly and smoothly. Each wheel of the oil longboard will have two such ball bearings, a total of a complete skateboard will have 8 bearings.

The marbles here are usually steel, titanium, or even ceramic balls (these are extremely good and cost quite a bit, due to their durability, great hardness and very light, easy to clean).

The bearings were differentiated based on how fast they turned. The ABEC standard is commonly used, has ABEC 1,3,5,7,9 and the highest is 11 for extremely high speeds.


The wheel is the part that makes the longboard manoeuvrable.

If you are using a long skateboard to travel under the road as a vehicle or a winding pass, it is best to choose large wheels because of its good bearing capacity and high speed.

The wheel diameter size of a long skateboard is 70mm with 80A soft wheel type.

A longboard will be fitted with 4 wheels at 2 ends. That is, each truck will be fitted with 2 wheels. If you want to replace a wheel, the selected wheel is the same type, same size. These types of wheels are usually manufactured from solid rubber, which is quite hard and durable.



The surface of the board is where you can move, the truck is the part that connects the board to the wheel so that the board can slide. This is a very important element in the structure of longboards and it requires precise design and installation.

The truck is made of hard alloy, strong and has good bearing capacity. Usually, the truck is made from aluminium or titanium. There are premium trucks made from gold, carbon. These are all lightweight but very durable, good alloys, helping the player to use the longboard more easily and more permanently.

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In which, the longest and hardest alloy bar is installed in the middle, running across the axis. They call this Axle. Hangar – the support rod is wrapped around the Axle. It has a main bearing effect. Besides, this is where the bearings will be attached.

There is also the Base Plate and Riser – gasket, Kingpin – screw and Bushing for the gasket.

Thanks to the components on this truck, you can easily control the longboard. You can adjust the tightness of screws, boards and trucks according to your preferences.

We hope that through this article you can better understand the long skateboard and have moments of relaxation while playing this street sport.

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