How To Set Up A Tent In A Windy Place

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The wind made many people miserable when camping far away from the city, especially the hilltop campsites, without trees. Perhaps the most difficult task you face right now is setting up camp in windy weather. Below, I will show you how to set up an effective tent in a windy place.



1. Choose an appropriate tent location

When choosing a location to pitch your tent, consider where the wind is blowing. Place the narrowest side of the tent, usually the base of the tent in the direction of the wind, so that the tent won’t easily fly away. Besides, you can take advantage of naturally available things like trees or rocks to block the wind.

2. Use heavy equipment as anchor points

Heavier items are often used to anchor tents, such as boulders, logs, etc.


3. Connect the first tent bone

Before removing the tent and tent cover from the carrying case, install the tent bone first. Once the tent meets the wind, the tent will be blown away and you will be hard to control, so you need to have the tent bone right away to tame and frame the tent, so it will be easier to control.

4. Pile the tent at the tent face facing the wind

When you have two tent piles in hand, remove the tent body first. Hold the tent towards the wind and let the wind blow the tent body away from you. Soon, pile the tent in front for this side.

Note: Spread the back tent cover.

5. Attach tent bone to the tent body

And now, place the tent bone on top of the tent to hold the tent first. Start fitting the tent bone from the side of the tent you just made. Then pile the other side and continue to mount the tent bone.

Tip: For now, throw heavier items like backpacks into the tent to secure the tent.

6. Tie tent covers

When you take out the tent cover, hold on to the side of the tent cover, let the wind blow to raise the cover over the tent. If you go alone, this will be the most difficult part of running back and forth to tie each point on the sheet to the tent bone.

7. Make sure the tent is secure

It is very important to make a tent, make it stronger and resist wind power. If the assembly is loose, the tent will be very easily damaged by strong wind.

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