Make your Longboard Faster with Four Easy Approaches

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Four simple methods to make your Longboard faster

Refer to the following ways to speed up the longboard, causing ardenaline levels to rise in the blood

Skateboard improves its stability and durability to create longboard, and makes many skateboard fans love them.

However, the way to accelerate longboard is not well known

If you do, keep reading below to find your answer.


How to make your longboard faster?

Method 1: Make sure the bearings are well adjusted

dirt and mud accumulated during the ride will prevent the bearings from sliding.

Make your longboard faster by cleaning and lubricating bearings.

Step 1: remove the bearings

First, gently remove the first bearing from the axle

Then change sides and remove the 2nd bearing from the axle

Step 2: clean the bearings

Use a clean cloth to remove mud and dust from the bearing

Then dip the bearing into a container of clean water for 2 minutes to bring the best results

rotate the bearing for 1 minute to remove dirt from the bearing

At the end of this step, remove the bearings and allow them to dry

Step 3: lubricate bearings

After the bearing has dried, apply 1 to 2 drops of lubricant to the bearing and rotate for 1 minute for best results

Method 2: change your wheels

Wheels have a very important impact on the speed of the longboard.

Inappropriate wheel diameter and material can slow down your longboard speed

Please pay attention to these 2 things to ensure the speed for the longboard

  • replace the larger diameter wheels

Small wheels make the longboard boot faster, but the big wheels make the skating speed faster. Try replacing small wheels with big wheels to achieve the longboard high-speed experience

  • choose good quality wheels

Cheap longboard will have low wheel quality.

After a period of use it will reduce quality and not recover, making your longboard slow down when sliding

High quality wheels with good connection and strong core, help to make the longboard sliding faster

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Method 3: Improve your skating skills

This method does not involve longboard editing, but it starts from yourself

You need to improve your skating skills every day to get the best experience of high speed longboard

Here are some of our suggestions

  • be more confident and more confident

Your frustration is the biggest obstacle that stops you with high speed longboard

Believe in your abilities, and practice day by day, you will soon achieve good results

  • equip yourself with protective gear

Protective gear is needed for high speed slide longboard beginners

Standard kit includes helmet, elbow guards, knee protectors

Prepare enough of these protective gear before becoming a high-speed longboard skating expert

  • Tame speed wobbles

The wobble between you and the skateboard is incompatible with the high speed longboard

Be sure to crouch down to reduce the resistance between you and your surroundings, to get the best speed

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Method 4: choose the appropriate route

If you want to slide high-speed longboard, do not choose the rough, bumpy roads

Choose for yourself a familiar and smooth, deserted path. That will help you to be able to achieve high speeds with the longboard

However, if you want to slide the longboard faster on smooth roads then you need to choose the wheels with good quality.

because low quality wheels absorb more friction and reduce your skid speed

Last line

The above are 4 methods to speed up your longboard sliding, except method 3 is to improve the sliding technique

From these tutorials we hope you’ll enhance your experience with the high speed longboard

wish you happy

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