Date Run Returning New Kids Total Notes
2018-02-26171795290It was kind of sad to say goodbye to MMDT, but so exciting to launch. Walk Wednesday!
2018-02-19170422247 Chilly and some raindrops
2018-02-05168674275Hardly seemed like winter on this beautiful MMDT evening!
2018-01-291678210296Good group of newbies again! Nice!!
2018-01-221666413281Chilly night, but that didn't stop us!
2018-01-151654912064Had to improvise, as The Park is closed for MLK Day. But it went well. Hard Rock Cafe validated our parking...thanks Hard Rock!
2018-01-08164796291What a beautiful beginning to 2018!
2017-12-1116279132100Downtown Phx is the place to be on Monday night!
2017-12-04161745284It was a fun night in Phoenix!
2017-11-27160834292The weather is getting just about perfect. Lots of excitement about the up-coming Electric Light Parade@
2017-11-201596911286A picture perfect pre-Thanksgiving evening!!
2017-11-0615713625101913rd Birthday Bash was a hit, thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield!!
2017-10-301568773103Perfect fall evening and lots of Halloween costumes.
2017-10-16154712280The weather is getting close to perfect!
2017-10-091535719079It was a little crazy with the Diamondbacks game, but lots of us got our walks in at home.
2017-10-021526511283The weather just keeps getting better!
2017-09-25151687282Fall is in the air!
2017-09-18150692277Lot's of excitement over our visiting photographer David.
2017-09-11149607272It's not quite cool yet, but on our way to fall, with a happy crowd tonight.
2017-09-04148507067Had to cancel check-in due to The Park being closed. But lots of people got their exercise in anyway!!
2017-08-281475413273It was a warm one again, but fall is coming!!!
2017-08-21146865296Nice group of newbies tonight, since we had a little break from the heat. Two people earned Century Club shirts!
2017-08-07144767390Not too hot tonight...nice walk!
2017-07-31143659381Nice crowd on a nice Phoenix evening.
2017-07-24142465257And it didn't rain!! Two new Meet Me restaurants!...Fired Pie and Even Stevens.
2017-07-171416181122A group of 52 foreign exchange students surprised us tonight. What fun!!
2017-07-101405411169The Park was loaded with parties tonight, but we made it all work. So many nice people!!
2017-07-03139492053On the eve of 4th of July!
2017-06-26138544062It was a warm one for sure!! But so many smiling faces!
2017-06-19137453050It was a warm one, but it was still a happy, healthy crowd.
2017-06-12136623169It was a warm one and no photographer tonight, but it was still fun!
2017-06-05135557167It was our warmest night yet, but our spirits made up for it!
2017-05-29134568373What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day with good friends. Nice gathering at Copper Blues after.
2017-05-22133682378The evening was just Tu Tu!!
2017-05-1513285103102We met Phil tonight, the managing partner of The Park. He spoke a bit during the closing ceremony.
2017-05-081319562107The cool evening in late spring was very welcome!
2017-05-01130846297Nice to have Randy visit from Meet Me Concepts
2017-04-2412999284138Wow! A walk/run/architectural tour/Dbacks game...all in one night!!
2017-04-1712811974137Not bad for the day after Easter. People getting excited about the Dbacks and the Architecture Tour next week!
2017-04-03126718491Not bad up against the NCAA Championship basketball game!!
2017-03-2712512186144Emmet lead a run for his second night. We're loving it!
2017-03-20124121116147Another amazing MMDT! The Park is just perfect for us.
2017-03-13123163355214A perfect evening for our opening night at The Park. Record attendance.
2017-03-06122114112131Nice pizza party and a thank you to Copper Blues.
2017-02-27121643069Rainy night, but it did not dampen our spirits!
2017-02-2012098142119The holiday brought some newbies who didn't have to work!
2017-02-13119127222158Great night for the historic alley tour with Urban Design Week, and for Japanese drummers in celebration of the upcoming Matsuri Festival.
2017-02-06118116192142One more week to Urban Design Week and our alley tour.
2017-01-30117120164146What a perfect night for a walk!!
2017-01-23116841190Threat of rain kept people home by the fire.
2017-01-09114120132140What a perfect January evening in Phoenix...shirtsleeves!!
2017-01-0211387102103Lots of excitement for the New Year. Happy crowd!!
2016-12-261125714176Chilly winter eve.
2016-12-191117615298A festive holiday crowd!
2016-12-121108991104A beautiful evening to be downtown!!
2016-12-0510988132108Perfect weather!
2016-11-28108807293Our first chilly, but wonderful, night!
2016-11-141061604010241Perfect weather and a great crowd for second birthday bash!
2016-11-07105113132132Perfect weather and lots of excitement about the birthday bash next week.
2016-10-31104696283Some crazy costumes for Halloween.
2016-10-241039582112Fall is in the air! Lots of buzz about the upcoming 2nd Birthday Bash.
2016-10-171029193109Perfect fall evening in Phoenix!
2016-10-1010179202106A nice crowd for Columbus Day. Still a bit warm.
2016-10-03100113163141Tonight was a celebration of the 100th walk for Esther and Tiffany!!! Congratulations to these two very committed women!! We are so proud!!
2016-09-269987153113It's starting to look like fall! Beautiful!
2016-09-19989394111Nice early fall evening. Numbers are growing!
2016-09-05965610273A quiet night but beautiful night at MMDT.
2016-08-299589124112Not even 100 degrees tonight. Fall is in the air!
2016-08-22948685108Not even 100 degrees tonight. Beautiful!! Thanks 'Girls on the Run" for coming out.
2016-08-1593668489Nice of Copper Blues to extend our Happy Hour to 7:30.
2016-08-08927984104Nice new beginning at Copper Blues
2016-08-0191134345189What a great new beginning! Thanks Copper Blues! And the pizza party was a huge hit!
2016-07-2590728286Not even 100 degrees! Nice tribute to The Corner and Shavon and her team...thank you!!!
2016-07-1889724281Not even 100 degrees tonight. A great night! And great Group Kick!
2016-07-1188615272The heat not so bad this week. Nice to see so many people getting out!
2016-07-0487360242Warm, but a very festive 4th of July!!
2016-06-2786737287Nice evening, even with the warm temps.
2016-06-2085653274Too hot for some, but not for us!
2016-06-1384109103131Pretty nice summer eve!!
2016-06-068383114109It was a hot one, but not too hot for MMDT! Congrats to Lidia on winning the City of Phoenix Impact Volunteer Award!!
2016-05-308265167101Pickleball was a big hit!!
2016-05-2381112165143Beautiful beginning to our summer at MMDT!
2016-05-0979132147166What a beautiful spring evening!
2016-05-0278147146181 Beautiful spring evening!
2016-04-2577120135149The wind tried to blow us away!!
2016-04-1175140186180Beautiful!! Lots of us going to see Diamondbacks play in two weeks.
2016-04-0474131315183Great crowd competing with the NCAA Championship game and the Diamondbacks opening night!!
2016-03-21721643011221A visitor from Meet Me at Maynards in Tucson won a raffle prize! What a nice night!!
2016-02-1567131358191Another amazing Phoenix winter eve for President's Day.
2016-02-0866161227205 What a perfect Phoenix evening!
2016-02-0165119142140Cold and blustery night, but that didn't stop the fun. Our first dinner call out at Squid Ink Sushi brought 20 smiling faces.
2016-01-2564151266194Beautiful evening! So many newbies and Japanese Fencing going on in Heritage Square.
2016-01-186388195120 Finally, perfect weather!
2016-01-1162128175158Chilly but wonderful!
2016-01-046182144106Raining and chilly, but what fun!!
2015-12-2860103152126A chilly but nice night at MMDT!
2015-12-2159107194137There was surely Chistmas in the air!!
2015-12-145810682121A chilly and wet Phoenix evening...except compared to the rest of the country. Yay Phoenix!!!
2015-12-0757154178192 Amazing winter evening in downtown Phoenix.
2015-11-3056141127173First chilly night at MMDT. Beautiful!!
2015-11-2355152256195What a great late winter night in Phoenix!! Nice crowd!
2015-11-095330111014465Birthday Bash was a smash hit!
2015-11-0252151318203The weather is cooperating nicely and brought a good crowd.
2015-10-2651129167163What a gorgeous evening. Lots of newbies in this nice weather!
2015-10-1950127165157Perfect weather. Esther, Tiffany and Erich received their X50 pins!
2015-10-1249104254140Lots of excitement over our first Birthday Bash!
2015-10-0548113185145Beautiful fall evening!
2015-09-2847120195154It's cooling off!!
2015-09-214689114113Drizzled on us but didn't dampen our spirits!!
2015-09-14459284112Threatened rain, but didn't happen. Nice evening.
2015-09-0744108245152Workout with the Marines, part of Marine Week Phoenix was a huge success!
2015-08-24429531104Steamy but fun evening.
2015-08-174193112115Muggy but wonderful! Nice to see so many people ready to endure for the health of it!
2015-08-104011324130Nice crowd on a beautiful summer evening in Phoenix.
2015-08-033910785129Who cares if it is 108??
2015-07-273896104118106 and sensational!
2015-07-203788143112It's not a dry heat tonight, but you would never guess it from the smiling faces!!
2015-07-13368962105Thanks to the library for coming out to MMDT.
2015-07-063583123105A wonderful Phoenix summer night!
2015-06-29349082106109 degrees!! 36 of us at "Group Kick" and the rest walking or running in Mizuno Shoes!! Thanks Sole Sports!
2015-06-22339283112It was a warm one and Group Kick at the Y continues to grow!
2015-06-153211873138Some like it hot!! Group Kick was great! San Tan served some great brews at The Corner.
2015-06-0831133144163Hot but very fun!!n Lots of action at The Corner.
2015-06-0130134304182Not so hot after all. So much happening...AARP Volunteers, Phoenix 10K and two Diamondbacks tickets in the raffle. Lots of newbies too!
2015-05-252988332133A wonderful Memorial Day evening!
2015-05-1828164154198Thanks Sole Sports Running for bringing New Balance and letting test walk/run their new shoes. Nice!
2015-05-1127176185212Our first night without Emmet, and Erich was an outstanding "guest host." Jon Brodsky got his cap too!
2015-04-2725174354227First perfect attendance MMDT caps awarded for 25 times at MMDT! Weather was outstanding.
2015-04-2024177546251Lot\'s of excitement tonight over the MMDT cap that will be awarded next Monday. How many will get one for their 25th MMDT ???
2015-04-1323184568268What a wonderful Phoenix evening. Weather was perfect and lots of visitors from Transforming Local Government Conference.
2015-04-0622166316227What a great night, thanks in great part to AARP and their volunteers in our parks. Thanks also to our new volunteer photographer Francesco Oronato.
2015-03-3021166404229Cesar Chavez Day and the County offices were closed. That kept some folks away, but what a wonderful evening it was!
2015-03-2320141785241Beautiful!! Lots of people saw the Channel 3 story this morning!
2015-03-1619162366219Aren\'t we lucky to live here? Thanks \"Allen the DJ\"
2015-03-0918140365195Beautiful weather for a perfect MMDT. Six people earned shirts tonight!
2015-03-0217105103130The rain stopped at 4:00 and it is beautiful. First dinner call-out brought 30+.
2015-02-2316116336167Beautiful evening! 80s music was rad!!!
2015-02-161594417153Presidents Day kept some downtown folks away today, but perfect weather, lots of volunteers and a great recognition by 12 News at 4:00pm today.
2015-02-0914146426208An exciting evening with nine Suns tickets in our drawing. Perfect weather! Lots of Blue Cross Blue Shield folks attending. Nice!
2015-02-0213133445193Beautiful Phoenix evening! Lot\'s happening in the parks.
2015-01-2612100372147Just a few drops of rain! Eleven of us earned our shirts tonight! Beautiful!!
2015-01-1911111414167Beautiful Phoenix evening! Pretty exciting to give away 10 tickets to the Suns game. Adidas was a hit with their shoes to \"test drive\". Thanks Sole Sports!
2015-01-1210120214157Big night!! First 13 MMDT athletes earned their MMDT t-shits!! A beautiful Phoenix evening!! Unfortunately, we were up against the NCAA Football Championship game.
2015-01-059128417191What a perfect evening. And first night for Suns tickets in the raffle!
2014-12-298105326153First chilly night for MMDT.I But a nice one. happy New Year !!!
2014-12-2271364712211Beautiful Christmas week! Saucony was awesome! Thanks Sole Sports!!
2014-12-1561213217192First cool evening, but beautiful! Santa made everyone smile!!
2014-12-0851457115250Shirtsleeve weather and a wonderful and enthusiastic crowd. So many things going on in the park and around the route. What energy!!!
2014-12-0141295616219A perfect evening, and the Phoenix Suns Gorilla was there wearing his MMDTPHX shirt.
2014-11-2431346614234Nice evening. Skate rink open for first time this year!!
2014-11-17213514416330Wifi went down during registration, but it was a wonderful night. Great turnout for MMDT #2!!
2014-11-1019320012380What a great kickoff!!!