Promote Your Business

Would you like to be a “Visiting Business” at Meet Me Downtown? We rent space on Monday evenings to promote your business. A few simple guidelines:

Your business must not compete in any way with our title sponsor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona or Sole Sports Running Zone.

You may work from your table, but not “work the crowd.” All materials, signs, etc. must on on or under your table. Nothing may be sold, and no money ( including for charity) may be requested or accepted at MMDT.

Bring your own up-to 6 ft. table. Event manager will show you where to place table.

Four spaces available…first come first served.

Prepare 50 words or less for emcee to use for introduction at 6:45pm. Longer statements will be shortened to 50 words or less.

$100 per week.

  • Recommendations to vendors:
  • *Set-up by 5:00 pm to see early-birds, and stay to 6:45 to be introduced by emcee.
  • *If you would like to give a door prize at your table, it should be for a retail product/ restaurant gift card with a value of $20 or more (no discounts/services as prizes), and tickets must be free. You may describe your raffle prize in 25 words or less, in addition to your 50-word intro. Meet Me Concepts reserves the right to decline prizes. Your prize will be given out by the emcee as the last raffle prize of the evening. Take your ticket container to the emcee. Copy about your raffle prize may be emailed at a later date.

Reservation is complete when form (below) is completed and check for $100 is received.
Make check payable to:
Meet Me Concepts, LLC

Mail to:
Meet Me Concepts, LLC
c/o Jannie Cox
5401 E. Presidio Road
Tucson, AZ 85712

Credit option is available…cost is $105
Call within 24 hours with credit card information…520 548-3741

Questions… 548-3741



    My business does not compete in any way with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona or Sole Sports Running Zone.
    I will bring my own table, up to 6 ft. long.
    I understand that my reservation will be complete when my check for $80 made out to Meet Me Concepts, LLC is received at this address...Meet Me Concepts, LLC, c/o Jannie Cox, 5401 E. Presidio Road, Tucson, AZ 85712 Credit card payments are also available for $83. Call within 24 hours with credit card information. Do not include on this form.
  • Please provide 50 words or less for your introduction by our MC.
  • Select date you would like to attend MMDT.